Do alternative anti-snoring aids work?

Sleep-deprived people on the verge of abreak-up are seated ducks for companies looking to peddle their anti-snoring wares. Although some, such as CPAP machines and oral deviceshave good data they work to prevent anti-snoring devices, these expensive pieces of hardware are a significant dedication and require the assistance of specialists.

Not surprisingly, people may become more interested in seeking cheaper products they can buy off the shelf or online. Some of these more low vital solutions include:

  • pillows
  • nasal pieces and dilators
  • essential oils inhalations and neck sprays
  • homoeopathic neck sprays and tablets.

However, do they work?

To find out, we researched medical books and spoke to the following experts:

  • otolaryngologist (hearing, nose and neck (ENT) specialist)
  • a researcher from a sleeping centre
  • teacher of sleep medicine
  • dental prosthetist

We also approached the manufacturers or suppliers of some popular anti-snoring devices, requesting them to provide documentation to aid their product’s says.


The machine of the Dentons Anti-Snore Silent Knight Healing Pillow promises it puts a stop to or reduces snoring for the 70% of folks who sleep “… due to restricted deep breathing, induced by bad pose while asleep”. Despite repeated demands, the company did not provide proof to returning up this lay claim.

Nasal pieces and dilators

Nasal pieces and dilators help start the nasalpassages. Therefore, the user can inhale more widely through the nasal as opposed to the mouth.

The Breathe Right website lists lots of studies related to its nose strips, but they show contradictory results. For case, an independent analysis confirmed Breathe Right sinus strips to be ineffective, while another (financed partly by the product’s only distributor) showed a decrease in the consistency of snoring in several patients with rhinitis.

The Pharmacure website has links to clinical trials of its Nozovent sinus pieces which show excellent results, but our ENT and sleeping medication experts thought the tests were unreliable.

Essential oils

Aromatherapy Clinic’s Anti Snoring Blend is a mixture of essential oils that may be dabbed on the skin, inhaled directly or diffused within an oil burner. The books for this product claims it “…clears sinuses and enhances the function of the respiratory system”.

THE FUNDAMENTAL Health website says the Helps Stop Snoring throat aerosol “works by lubricating and toning these tissue thereby reducing the vibrations that can cause snoring”.

We found two professional medical trials — one (financed by the manufacturer of Helps Stop Snoring) found it effective in minimising snoring, while another self-employed trial associated with an unnamed essential natural oils product with the same substances showed no significant difference between your product and a placebo.

Homeopathic products

Green Pharmaceuticals’ SnoreStop Extinguisher comes in the form of the homoeopathic throat squirt or tablets and has a professional medical trial to aid its says (again, financed by its producer).

Brauer offered a set of materials of its Snore Eze aerosol and their properties, which were all stated in the Materia Medica – the reference point book of homoeopathic drugs – as some of the many possible snoring treatments.

More information

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